How to make a flag by yourself

How to make a flag by yourself 

Step 1:


first, you need a piece of fabric. Any material can be polyester, nylon and cotton. If there is no ready-made fabric, the old tablecloth or old clothes are very suitable. Of course, the color of the fabric should be as close as possible to the color of the flag you want to make, because it will have a better display effect.
If there is no similar color, you can also dye the bottom of the fabric with paint or dye to get the color you want.

Step 2:

Choose a suitable flagpole, which is suitable for any material. As long as the pole is firm enough to support the flag, if there is no and yes pole, it can also be replaced by branches and old sweeping handles.
Step 3:

Fixing the flag pole on the flag surface requires making a pocket to insert the flag pole. From a professional point of view, this pocket is called the flag waist of the flag. In the flags produced in batch in the factory, there are two processes for the flag waist. One is the upper waist, which is to sew a pocket at one end of the flag surface, and the other is to fold up one side of the flag to accommodate the flagpole. In order to prevent the flagpole from falling off the flag surface, we usually seal the top of it so that you can wave your flag at will.
Step 4:

The most important part is to decorate your flag, draw the pattern you want on the cloth with a marker, ruler, etc. of course, you can also cut the pattern you want with scissors and stick it with glue
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